A flexible repair solution to screw !

FIX’N GO® is an innovative and quick solution
to repair rips or damages on conveyor belts.

  • Longitudinal rip
  • Crosswise rip
  • Belt edge rip
  • Holes, tears
  • Splicing 2 belts together in the longitudinal direction


To resolve these situations, the MLT teams have created a unique and innovative repair’s solution for conveyor belts : FIX’N GO®.
Made with a strengthened fabric and a rubber with a very high abrasion index of 50mm3, FIX’N GO® offers a higher protection against frictions and wear than your conveyor belt used, without impacting its flexibility, resistance to elongation and tensile strength.
By repairing your belt with FIX’N GO®, you use a permanent solution with no need to replace it in the future. The MLT specific screws are self-drilling and selftapping : the carcass threads are spread without being cut.
FIX’N GO® can be used to repair longitudinal rips, holes and belt edge damages.
FIX’N GO® can also be used to splice two belts in the longitudinal direction.
FIX’N GO® is usable for all multi-ply and mono-ply textile carcass belts, up to 1250 N/mm.
1 Product for all applications
Applications :
• Mines
• Cement plants
• Quarries
• Heavy industries
• And other…

  • Repair of mono-ply and multi-ply belts up to 1250 N/mm
  • 4 versions of rubber are available


Available in 2 boxes : 2 m or 20 m
Screws included
Steel screws and inserts or Stainless steel screws and inserts


  • powered screwdriver
  • belt skiver


Width : 158 mm
Thickness top plate : 3 to 4 mm
Thickness bottom plate : 2 to 3 mm
Quantity of screws per meter : 150