Invisible Flexible Splice (IFS)

The new invisible splice for light duty belts

IFS (Invisible Flexible Splice) is an innovative and fast solution for splicing your light duty belts.
The IFS is the new splicing system for light duty belts, heir to the PVC / PU splice.
It has been developed by the MLT team to offer a solution to your daily problems. MLT: always at the forefront of innovation and consistently improving our products inspired by your experienced feedback.



Your problems

  • Machine downtime too long
  • A lack of tightness in your splices can cause the quality to decline
  • Bacterial risk
  • Complexity of installation of your current lacing system
  • Dismantling the conveyor for belt replacement
  • Complexity to clean conveyor

Our solution

Thanks to a new design and a new manufacturing process developed by our R&D teams, the new IFS is as effective as the previous one :
• Resistant in difficult conditions
• More watertight and flatter, thanks to its thickness, the IFS offers better safety
• More flexible
• Even easier to install, with the introduction of the pins

The new IFS has been upgraded to meet the majority of situations and constraints. Without any metal components, the IFS ensures optimal sanitary conditions and
easy cleaning it can also be used with metal detectors and Xray machines. With the IFS being removable, it provides you with one major advantage: the belt can be replaced without needing to disassemble the conveyor belt.

  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Resistant even in severe conditions
  • Integrates perfectly into the belt
  • Manufactured and installed without metal components
  • Easily removable


Fields of application :

  • Light duty industries
  • Agricultural/Food Industries
  • Laundries
  • Industries utilizing cartonboard
  • etc.


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MLT IFS Invisible Flexible Splice