Integrated lacing into the belt with screws

The ISC® (Integrated Screw Connection) is an innovative lacing solution. It is the most unique on the conveyor belt fastener market. It allows a belt to become endless, by simply screwing each end without extra thickness. The ISC® belt guarantees quick assembly and an actual reduction in downtime. Thanks to its metal inserts molded in the rubber and the fabrics, the splice assures a very strong resistance to the assembly. This occurs during the tightening of the screws.

Your problem

  • Lack of autonomy due to the need for qualified technicians
  • The price of the installation teams
  • Machine downtime too important for your productivity
  • Hot applications with security risks
  • Limited fields of application: many cases will be ruled out with traditional methods

Your solution

To meet these constraints, the MLT teams have developed a revolutionary system of endless setting of your belt. We provide a premium brand belt directly at the exact length. It comes with a molded ISC® splice at each end. All you have to do is screw the belt with a powered driver. Screws and bits are provided as part of the kit.
  • Definitive solution
  • Express assembly reducing downtime
  • Installation autonomy
  • Installation with a simple powered driver
  • Installation regardless of access difficulties or weather conditions
  • Without recourse to dangerous chemical processes
ISC® / Scraper friendly

ISC® / No overlap or extra thickness at the connection
What does it look like ?
ISC® lacing is vulcanized into the belt by our specialized production department. Its connecting system offers a very high resistance to strong and continuous high impact conditions. 
A wide range of applications : the ISC® lacing can be used for mines, quarries, road milling machines, construction machines, mobile crushers, recycling machines, cement plants...
It is perfectly adapted to the needs of emergency situations : easily and quickly installed, high longevity !
Which belts?
ISC® lacing can be installed on "abrasion resistant", "oil resistant", "heat resistant" et "heat retardant" belts, smooth or chevrons belt, with or without bare back :
- up to 2 meters wide
- up to EP 100
Examples of applications?

- Product very resistant to breakage and shocks important and repetitive (superior to a cold splice)
-  Simple and fast installation reducing downtime
-  No investment in tools, a powered driver enough
- Compatible with small pulley diameters
- Installation whatever the access difficulties, weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, cold ...) day and night
- No use of glues or other chemicals that could have harmful consequences for health
- Compatible with all types of scrapers.
- Superior quality of the supplied belt
- No need to disassemble the conveyor, because the belt is passed open and attached to the old belt. This is done with a pulley to facilitate the passage
- Belt ready to install: your technicians can change the belt very quickly
- No premature wear of skirting systems
- No need to clean and prepare the conveyor
ISC® / On asphalt transfer machine
ISC® / Compatible with bare back

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