Super-Screw® Evolution

(200 PIW to 360 PIW) -


The new generation of flexible splice to screw

Super-Screw Evolution - MLT Minet Lacing Technology

Splice your belt simply with screws ! 

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION is the latest addition to the SUPER-SCREW® range. THE fast and innovative solution to splice your conveyor belts.
When on-site, you are exposed to field based issues :
  • do you need to reduce the number of breakdowns, 
  • do you have difficult installation access, 
  • is your site prone to harshweather conditions, 
  • do you have limited number of staff and training...
These comments from our customers drove the MLT teams to think about future improvements with these issues in mind. The result is we are able to offer highly innovative solutions, designed around our customer’s feedback. Thus, MLT teams have developed the new generation of SUPER-SCREW®, unique and innovative solution to splice your conveyor belt the SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION

Super-Screw Evolution - MLT Minet Lacing Technology
The simplicity of screws allows you to install the SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION no matter:
• The configuration of the conveyor,
• The conditions of access,
• Weather conditions,
• Temperature -30°C (-22°F) to 200°C (392°F) peak.
As before, the screws specifically designed for being both self-drilling and self-tapping : they separate the belt fibers without cutting it. Sizes remain unchanged.

The SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION : Performance, Innovation, Easy to install !


Advantages :

Application fields :

• Compatible with all types of scrapers
• Compatible with small pulley diameter
• Optimizes your productivity
• Easy to install
• Waterproof
• Highly flexible
• Any weather condition
• High tensile strength
• Heavy industries
• Mines
• Cement plants
• Quarries
• And more.


Two types of steel for screws and inserts available : 

  1. Steel screws and inserts : Highly resistant, the ideal choice in most situations (Quarry, Cement factory, mine etc.)
  2. Stainless steel screws and inserts : Resistant to corrosive and saline environments (
    Gold mines, Phosphate mines, Sorting center, 
    Fertilizer plant, Recycling facilities and salt handling


Rubber grades available : 

Abrasion resistant : 

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION answers the majority of applications, since it is fabricated with a high quality of rubber abrasion resistant 50mm3. This is one of the most resistant compounds available today.

Heat retardant :

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION can be installed on your heat retardant belt and can be able to withstand temperatures between 170°C and 200°C.

Fire resistant :

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION, fabricated with fire resistant surface ISO 340 and ISO 284, ensures your security of silos and underground mines.

Heat resistant :

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION can be installed on your heat resistant belt and can be able to withstand temperatures between 150°C and 170°C.

Oil resistant :

SUPER-SCREW®  is also available for oil resistant surface which resists oil and solvent.

Very low temperature :

SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION resists even at low temperatures until -30°C (-50°C on demand).


Sliding bed / friction bottom :  Our SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION is specially manufactured for sliding bed / friction bottom conveyor belts and made with abrasion resistant or oil resistant rubber with steel inserts. It is available in the SUPER-SCREW® Evolution 35 and 63 in either 5 ML or 25 ML rolls.




In kit or in roll depending on your needs

The ready-to-install kit contains :
• SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION, cut to length, pre-assembled by MLT (complete with spacers)
• 2 screw sizes
• 1 packet of PZ bits
• 1 installation kit :
- 1 SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION installation guide
- Installation template
- 1 installation tool
The roll kit includes :
• One roll of SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION to assemble yourself (screws to be ordered separately)
• 1 installation kit :
- 1 SUPER-SCREW® installation guide
- spacers, PZ bits, one installation template
- 1 installation tool
SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION from 35 to 65 are available in rolls of 3,5,10 and 25 meters with stainless steel or steel inserts depending on the range. You simply have to select your screw size (refer to the selection chart below)



Installation tools : 

For a fast and easy installation 


Presse aide à la découpe - Super-Screw Evolution Cutting tool
To assist you in the preparation of the SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION, MLT has developed a cutting aid. It consists of two distinct components :
- The cutting press itself
- Hydro-pneumatic pump
This press has interchangeable elements, to cut all MLT rubber products:
This cutting press is available as an option.
Cordless Tool kit with skiver and driver
This pack provides the tools to install most MLT products, including the new
SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION. It is comprised of : 
- Cordless belt skiver and accessories
- Cordless powered driver and accessories
With a total of 17 elements included in the pack, you will be able to complete your installations easily and efficiently.
Pack FEIN - MLT Minet Lacing Technology


SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION installation tools, allow you to easily complete your splicing : 
-The SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION chart will help easily select which type best suits your belt and which blades you will need.
-The screw selection chart will help you, quickly select which screw to use.
-The SUPER-SCREW® installation template will guide you and help you find the perfect angle for your
SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION to be installed.
These charts are supplied with each SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION package, be it in rolls or ready to use cut lengths.


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