Sandblasting / tumblasting belts


2 available holes pattern

Better carcass resistance
Better sand evacuation
These belts are used in tumblasting machine to clean foundry pieces after furnace unload. 
In order to resist to these constraints, our belts are manufactured with a very high resistant rubber (abrasion index of 50 mm3), which is really important to bear with the sand blastings up to 656 feet/second. 
Our holes are completely cylindrical in order to maximize the sand evacuation. Cleats, guides & treads are integraly moulded.



  •  Excellent output and exceptionnal resistance
  • Hole on request (Ø, distance between 2 holes, treads).
  • With or without cleats enterely moulded
  • With or without center guide entirely moulded

Breaking tension / 
Up to 5710 PIW
Carcass /
Special carcass without steel components but stiffened

Rubber / 
Rubber with tyre rubber quality : abrasive resistant (index 50 mm3), oil & grease resistant (index 115 mm3) or heat retardant (index 115mm3)

Holes / 
Perfectly cylindrical : no jamming, excellent blast sand evacuation
Endless length / 
Up to 256 inches
Width / 
Up to 79 inches