Various belt



MLT is specialized in Technical Special belts. It is impossible to list the whole range of belt we can manufacture because we study each inquiry. Find below some examples of belts we manufacture in our workshops :


► Weighing belt : MLT weighing belts are vulcanized spliceless and under tension. The carcass is manufactured with fabric rolled up on several winding and with very high resistant raw rubbers.
Technical data :
- with polyester-polyamid fabric
- breaking tension from 1427.5 to 8565 PIW
- Rubber coverings : abrasion resistant (TYRES QUALITY), heat resistant 302°F (338°F flash), heat retardant 338°F (392°F flash), neoprene oil and grease resistant, fire resistant, anti-static, white FDA/USDA.


► Belt with metallic weft
Technical data :
- 1 metal warp+ 2 metallic wefts
- High resistant to impacts
- Rubber coverings : abrasion resistant, oil resistant (heat resistant and heat retardant presently in development)


► Coil winding belt
Technical data :
- Endless spliceless belt
- High resistant to impacts with the metallic strip
- Conceived for small pulley diameters
- Designed carcass especially for the steel trip manufacture
- Resistes to greased products and treatments on steel
- Carcasse : Kevlar cord or metal (without textile)