CL Lacer

Compact and easy to handle, the CL Lacer makes it easy for you to install your fasteners!

The MLT teams have designed the CL Lacer in order to facilitate the installation of your Clip’N Lock® fasteners.
This compact and lightweight installation tool allows you to perform fastening quickly and easily, without requiring a power supply.
The handy CL Lacer is can be used in all types of jobs.


Ready to use 

Only required to raise and lock the controller with the pin provided, especially for this purpose.
To compactly store the CL Lacer, simply remove the pin and lower the handle.



CL Lacer : The ready-to-use installation tool


Technical characteristics : Advantages :
  • Weight : 13 kg
  • Fastener : Clip'N Lock®
  • Energy : None
  • Combs : from 350 mm
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Handy
  • Easy to use
  • No energy source required
  • Compatiblewith most combs on the market








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