Vulcanizing press for PVC / PU belts


Air-cooled vulcanizing press for PVC / PU LIGHT DUTY belts


Technological innovation for PVC / PU LIGHT DUTY belt vulcaniZation


The MLT ACI air-cooled press is designed for the splicing of thermoplastic belts by pressure and thermo-fusion followed by air cooling. 
PVC / PU press
Unlike other alternatives, this press cools with two turbines located at both ends of the heating plates. The refrigerated air injected circulates through a circuit of finned channels whose exit is located in the centre of the two plates.
In addition, the heating plates are separated from the press frame to reduce heat transfer to the press frame. 


This exclusive design of the method of air circulation inside the heating plates has the great advantage of making all the cycles identical. This press can perform up to 12 splices in less than 20 minutes each (depending on belt thickness and material) without downtime and with constant parameters. This provides uniform cooling and therefore longer splice life. All the components necessary for the proper operation of this press are provided.

MLT PVC / PU construction press
Construction press MLT - ACI 1200 (for belt up to 1200 mm)
Model for belts up to 600 mm available soon



  • Provides up to 12 continuous splices, without loss of time and without changing the parameter
  • Uniform merging of all thicknesses of the belt, both external and internal
  • Maintains the chemical performance of the layer in contact with the transported product by avoiding overcooking
  • Ideal for heavy loads for both thin and thick belts


MLT vulcanizing presses and tools for PVC PU light duty belts

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