A flexible simple and fast rubber splice to screw

Super-Screw® is an innovative and fast solution for splicing your belts.

Your problems

• Very long downtime of machine
• Installation with difficult access
• Inclement weather conditions
• Staff safety testing
• Heavy materials investment
• Qualified technician’s necessity causing a lack of staff’s autonomy

Your solution
To answer to these constraints, MLT has developed unique and innovative splice for belts: Super-Screw®.
This patented, incomparable splice gives you solution to all your installation problems.
SUPER-SCREW® considerably reduces the downtime. It can bear all type of tensions up to 250N/mm (failure stress belt up to 2500N/mm) It is available in several options of rubber.
Thanks to the screwing system, the Super-Screw® can be installed regardless of the:
• Configuration of the conveyor belt
• Access conditions
• Weather conditions
• Temperature (-30°F up to +200°F flash)
The screws which are specifically designed for being both self-drilling and self-tapping. They pierce the fibres of the the belt, without cutting them.

Simple and practical,

the SUPER-SCREW® is done for you !


Super-Screw® range

Available quality of rubber:



The advantages:

Applications :

• Considerably optimizes your productivity
• Easy to install
• 3 times faster than your current system
• Under any weather conditions
• Leak proof
• Flexible
• High longevity
• High tensile strength
• Compatible with small pulley diameter
• Compatible with conveyor scraper
• Mines
• Cement plants
• Quarries
• Heavy industries
• And other…



To facilitate your choice,

super-Screw® is available in some new kits,


Special packaging options that are adapted to your needs and to your installations.


CHOOSE THE Cordless Tools kit!

ALL Tools you will need for your Super-Screw®’s installation,


install your splices quickly and easily.





helpful installation tools*


Thanks to helpful installation tools of your Super-Screw®, developed by MLT, you can install your splice simply:
The chart «How to choose your Super-Screw®» allows you to find rapidly the adapted model for your belt, furthermore the skiving blades that you need.
Super-Screw® Installation Tool, allows you to find which one to use.
The Installation Template Super-Screw® gives you the possibility to cut the proper angle, and to place the splice correctly.

* included in kit and rolls


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