Heavy duty belt

MLT Minet Lacing Technology manufactures hight quality fasteners and lacings especially for heavy duty belt.


Mini Record fastener (MR) is a pre-installed stapple for conveyor belt.



- RIVETS fasteners - 

The rivet fastener familly is large and varied. Its used to join belts from 5 to 18 mm with pulley diameters 75 to 400 mm with no expensive installation equipment.




- RV6 -

RV6 fastener has pre-assemble staples. Its allows to join belts 6 to 12 mm belt thickness. 
RV6 is perfect for some mine applications.


- G 2000 SeRIE -

Fasteners of  G 2000 family are fasteners with pre-attached staples for higth strength conveyor belts. 

G 2002/2003 is perfect for mine applications.



Titan fastener has pre-assembled staples for high tension conveyor belts. 


- MS® -

MS®: mechanical fastener to screw !
Minet Lacing Technology MS® fasteners are the only mechanical fasteners which can be installed with screws using a screwdriver (battery, electric or pneumatic tool) !
Installation is easy and simple, doesn't require special installation equipment.





The flexible lacing to screw
MLT Minet Lacing Technology has developed the SUPER-SCREW®. It is a flexible rubber lacing to screw on to the belt as an alternative to vulcanizing. MLT specific screws are self-drilling and self-tapping (they spread the carcass threads without cutting them).