Ligth duty belt

Minet Lacing Technology manufactures hight quality fasteners and splices for light duty belt.



Clip’N Lock® is a low profile light duty fastener. It maintains the normal pitch that ensures an excellent gripping of the claws in wide belts, with 2 additionnal features due to its design :

- double rows of teeth for additional strength
- meander design : eliminates risk of loosing claw

-  RIVETS fasteners - 

The rivet fastener familly is large and varied. Its used to join belts from 1 to 5 mm with pulley diameters 20 to 75 mm with no expensive installation equipment.


- Wire hook (ASGOR) -

The wire hook carded fastener (Asgor) joins conveyor belt with moderate tension for narrow belts.






Self-Lock® fastener is developed and patented by Minet MLT. The top face clamps itself into the belt  by having the claws  passing underneath the bridges  and closing themselves. Its efficiency and easiness makes Self-Lock® a major innovation in conveyor belt industry.




Mini Record fastener (MR) is a pre-installed stapple for conveyor belt. 



-  PVC or PU lacing- 

PVC and PU flexible lacing developed by Minet Lacing Technology, is vulcanized inside the PVC or PU belt (using a vulcanizing PVC press). Available in various colours, theses splices are perfect to join either PVC or PU belts.