Clip'N Lock®



Clip’N Lock® - a flat fastener for light duty belts!
Thanks to its continuous pitch, Clip’N Lock® ensures an excellent gripping of the claws in wide belts.
Its concept, designed and patented by MLT, gives it many advantages:
- More resistance with a double rows of teeth (from the CL30)
- A meander design: no risk of losing a claw, which is essential in the food industry for example
- Guarantees a constant step over the entire width of the belt
- Perfect flexibility, especially useful for trough belts

Technical data

  CL25 CL30 CL40 CL50
Pitch, mm 2.54 2.54 3.175 3.67
Belt thickness, mm 1-1.5 1.5 - 2 2 - 3 3 - 5
Minimum pulley Ø, mm 20 30 40 60
Clip’N Lock® provides 33% more grip points, compared to standard fasteners, and gives 15% more resistance.
In order to facilitate the management of your stocks, MLT has developed a simple range of only 4 fasteners designs, which covers all of your daily needs.



• Optimized resistance (+ 15% compared to standard fasteners)
• Perfect flexibility
• Solidarity links (monobloc = Minimized risk of loss of one claw)
• Without extra thickness
• Works with small pulley diameters
• Compatible with most competitors installation tools


• Food
• Packaging
• Laundry
• Cardboard
• And more !


Our combs are compatible with the MLT Multitool and most of the existing installation tools on the market. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice on compatibility with your tool.
That way you can use our new generation fasteners, without necessarily investing in a new installation tool.
Reduce the number of references of your stocks!
Our fasteners cover by themselves:
CL 25: 17 products from the market
CL 30: 22 products from the market
CL 40: 46 products from the market
CL 50: 16 products from the market
Inquire, we will help you in your choice.