MS ®

- heavy duty belt -

MS®: mechanical fastener to screw !


The MS® fastener is an innovative and easy solution to splice by simply using screws .

Your problem

  • Long downtime
  • Expensive solutions
  • Expensive equipment investment
  • Requires qualified technicians


Your solution

To counter those constraints, MLT teams have developed an extremely easy solution to use : the MS® fastener.
Patented: this metallic fastener solution has drawn its inspiration from the technology of the rivet fastener, while bringing a major evolution in its easy installation.
As a matter of fact, the MS® fastener is a metal fastener that can be screwed into the conveyor belt. The installation screws are self-threading screws : no need to pre-drill. Also, its easy and simple installation doesn’t require any special tools : an electric or pneumatic driver is enough. The MS® fastener then falls into the category as truly revolutionary in the metal fastener market, as it is more economical, practical and safe.

It can be installed on high tensile strength belts:
- Up to 800 PIW (1250N/mm) and pulley diameters from 3’’ to 18’’ (75 to 450 mm)
- Its screws enable you to easily tighten the fastener on the belt with a “vice effect”.

The MS® fastener is available in coated carbon steel or stainless steel.
By using the stainless steel fastener, the MS® joins the belt designed for the food, beverage and recycling industries. The connecting pin is available in diameters from 4 to 10 mm (.16’’ to .4’’). Coated steel or in stainless steel coated polyamide

Technical data

  MS 25 MS 35 MS 45 MS 55 MS 65

Belt thickness,
3,5 - 7,5 4,5 - 10 6 - 11 9 - 15 10 - 18
Maxi belt tension,
45 63 65 100 125
Maxi belt strength,
450 630 650 1 000 1 250
Mini pulley Ø,
75 90 125 250 450
  • No need for expensive installation tools, a cordless driver is enough
  • Fast installation leading to a reduction in downtime
  • Installation is completed only with screwing the screws (no pre-drilling required)
  • Tightening the fastener on the belt
  • Allows you to fix rubber belts in an emergency
  • The fastener can then be embedded into the conveyor belt after removing the covers
  • For more strength and a better seal: install the MS® fastener right side up on the return side or upside down



Steel quality / Galvanized steel or antimagnetic stainless steel

Installation Method / Screwdriver - 18 volts minimum 

Packaging / In strip up to 3 meters long


Applications :
• Mine
• Cement plant
• Quarry
• Heavy duty industries
• Agricultural machines
• And more