MLT has 3 production units :


The Saint-Chamond unit (5 000m2 - Loire – France) located in the industrial valley of the Vallée du Gier. Here are manufactured the Super-Screw® flexible lacing and the truly endless spliceless special belts.


MLT Minet Lacing Technology 
Rue Michel Rondet - ZI du Clos Marquet - CS 70059
42 400 St Chamond - FRANCE


Saint Privat-des-Vieux

The Saint Privat-des-Vieux unit (Gard – France) specialized in the manufacturing of the metallic fasteners, of the PVC/PU flexible lacings, and of the installation machines.


MLT Minet Lacing Technology 
2 avenue Paul Valéry
30 340 St-Privat des Vieux - FRANCE

Fomia - l'Horme

Fomia is specialised for manufacuring roundballers belts, vulcanising presses and vulcanising tools


7 rue de la libération
42152 L'Horme -