Power transmission belts


Our power transmission belts are flat, with Rayon or Aramid carcass. They run up to 60 m/s on very small roll diameters. 
They are used for transmission, but also as tube winding belts.
  • High breaking tension resistance
  • High resistance to speed variations
  • For any transmission which needs : speed, flexibility, safety, power. Can work with reversed trailing direction.
  • Perfect for small pulley diameters
  • Option : rubber covers top & bottom,

Breaking tension
Up to 1 600 N/mm
Carcass /
Monocord warp with high breaking resistance, protected by 2 non marking rubberized fabrics, with high friction coefficient, conducting static electricity
Speed /
Up to 60 m/s
Endless length
Up to 32 000 mm
Width /
From 30 to 500 mm