Vulcanizing water-bag press

- Vulcanizing and repair for heavy duty belts -

MLT has been manufacturing vulcanizing presses since 1986 and following the technological evolutions of all these decades to provide today a solution adapted to your professional requirements. Conscious of your needs, the MLT team offers the conception of your modular vulcanizing presses.
• Light alloy in high quality shielding aluminium
• Totaly modular
• Fast vulcanizing and cooling
• Shielded heating resistors embedded in the core of the heating plates allowing a fast and homogeneous rise in temperature, and reliable heating data.
• Temperature up to 150°C (302°F) reached in 20 min
• Composed of units with sizes 350 or 525 mm (1325/32 or 2043/64 inch) in aluminium, allowing a lower weight
• Pressure perfectly homogeneous until 14 bars (199 PSI), thanks our water-bags specially developped and manufactured in our factury in France


Electrical control box : 

Our electrical control box is manufactured in our factory and meets the standards NF EN 60439-4 for worksite. Equiped with an emergency stop button, breaker, a differential switch and indicator 3 phases at 380V.
Standard thermostat control box  Regulated control box  Process control box


Hydraulic pump :

Hand pump  Electric pump 
Each hydraulic pump has 3 outputs for connecting water-bag and a pressure gauge. The pump has 2 pistons.
• Fuel tank capacity :30L
• Pumping capacity of the pre filling piston (l) : 79ml
• Pumping capacity of the fishing piston (l) : 8ml
Pressure limited to 14 bars by the calibration of the safety valve.
Electric pump has a rating of 20L/min. Up to 6 water-bag connections can be made.The tank offers a capacity of 50L. The adjustable pressure is limited to
14 bars (199 PSI) by a safety valve.
The electric pump allows :
• The water-bag to be under pressure.
• Cooling the vulcanizing press.
Motor : 230 V mono-phase 0.88KW
Control by manometer.