Water-bag vulcanising press


APPLICATIONS /  Vulcanising and repair of heavy duty rubber belts. This press is particularly designed to realize vulcanised joints on solid-woven or metalcord belts. also efective on worn out belt.
SPLICING / Straight or rhombic. Step splices, finger splices...
MATERIAL / Platens and profiles are in extruded high yiels light alloy
PRESSURE / Hydraulic with water, provided by a hand or electrical pump. Water-bag pressure up to 12 bars cover all splice surface.
POWER SUPPLY / 400 V, three phases. Electrical control box with safety switch.
TEMPERATURE / Up to 200 ° C (392°F). Regulation by thermostats, possibility of manual or electronic regulation
COOLING Approximatly 15 min
  • Modular concept with 350 ou 525 mm wide elements.
  • Quick and easy handling of the differents aluminium parts.
  • Flexibility of heating plates and whole surface pressure by water-bags allowing to adapt to belt thichness differences






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